Best Free CDN Services That Will Speed Up WordPress Website

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You don’t want to be the owner of a website that isn’t properly optimized. Fortunately, you don’t have to manually optimize every piece of media and code. You may significantly improve the load time of your WordPress website by using a content delivery network (CDN).

A CDN saves your site’s static content on servers across the world, then serves the files to website visitors from the server nearest to them. As a consequence, JavaScript, images, and videos will load significantly faster on your website’s front end.

That being said, here are the top picks for the best free CDN services.

1. Cloudflare

best free cdn services speed up wordpress website cloudflare cdn

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Cloudflare is said to be the fastest content delivery network that is free. It delivers a fast, rich user experience for internet applications with optimized engagement.

It doesn’t charge for bandwidth spikes. They will never bill you for it. Users can do changes to their user-friendly applications.

2. Site Accelerator by Jetpack

best free cdn services speed up wordpress website jetpack cdn

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Jetpack is a leading company that works with security, performance, and marketing tools made for WordPress. With their reputation, they also made a free CDN service called Site Accelerator.

Site Accelerator helps your website page loading faster. It optimizes images, CSS files, JS, and other static files.

Site accelerator is builtin with Jetpack that’s why it is very easy to use and activate.

Just go to Jetpack > Settings > Performance > Performance & speed section and toggle on “Enable site accelerator”.

3. Amazon CloudFront

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Amazon is one of the tech giants that has also a good reputation in cloud computing. With their fast data centers, they made their own CDN service called Amazon Cloudfront. They give a free plan but it is limited to 50 GB data transfer, plus 2 million HTTP & HTTPS requests, and 2 million CloudFront functions invocations.

Amazon Cloudfront is a fast CDN that ensures secure data transfer including videos, applications, and even APIs for their customer.

4. Swarmify

best free cdn services speed up wordpress website swarmify

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Swarmify is well-known for its unlimited video CDN services. Some of the WordPress websites host video or movie content that’s why this free CDN service is good for you. It reduces bounce rates and ensures buffer-proof playback. It also provides unlimited bandwidth encoding and storage.

5. Imperva

best free cdn services speed up wordpress website imperva

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Being the second top free CDN service, Imperva CDN is also fast and free. It brings content caching, load balancing, and failover for your web application and API protection.

It uses machine learning to do dynamic caching which ensures content freshness.

6. Google Cloud CDN

best free cdn services speed up wordpress website google cloud

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Google has also made a CDN service called Google Cloud CDN. It provides privacy, data security, fast load balance, and many more. It is free but credit is limited to $300.

Cloud CDN can work also with WordPress but it is quite complicated to set up.

Wrapping Up

Take note that these free CDNs work best for small and business starter websites. If you’re already getting a lot of traffic, it would be better to upgrade your plans to a premium.

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