9 Free WordPress Hosting Services


Are you looking for someone to host your WordPress website but aren’t sure if free or paid hosting is the best option for you?  If you want your website to be a success, you’ll need the right hosting company. After all, there are countless companies that can help you run your website, but only a reliable, stable, and scalable WordPress hosting provider can help you enhance your website.

In this post, we will look at 9 free WordPress hosting providers that can assist you in creating and hosting a successful WordPress website for free.

1. WordPress.com


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WordPress itself made a platform for free wordpress hosting. The easiest way in creating a WordPress blog is this platform. However, you are limited with only a few features. Ecommerce, membership, and other features are absent in this free hosting and you cannot use your domain unless you upgrade to a premium plan.

2. 000WebHost


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This is a free hosting platform managed by Hostinger. It is made to drive customers to upgrade premium in Hostinger. Even 000WebHost is free there are still few good benefits of using it.

First is it lets you use host two websites for free. It also uses Softaculous which is a one-click WordPress installer tool. This hosting platform lets you access databases and FTP with no restrictions. The good thing also is they don’t put ads to the free users.

3. AccuWeb Hosting


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One of the most well-known free WordPress hostings is the AccuWeb. They’ve been around since 2003. Just like 000WebHost, they also allow users to access Cpanel and databases. The only downside is they limit the bandwidth, and storage but the pros to it are you’ll get it for free, full server access, free email accounts, basic backup support, and no ads.

To signup, AccuWeb will require you to send a government-issued ID.

4. Byet.host


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This free hosting service is almost just the same as the others. The only difference is just they have unlimited bandwidth. Byet.host is also special it is just the hosting that gives a free subdomain or you can use your domain.

Byet is an excellent choice for users who require full server access for many WordPress sites and/or high-traffic WordPress sites.

5. AwardSpace


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Based in Germany, AwardSpace is a cheap web host that’s been around also since 2003.

With AwardSpace, you’ll get an easy WordPress hosting plan that’s fitting for up to 5,000 visits per month, as well as a simple upgrade path as your site grows, with premium hosting plans beginning at just $0.2 (USD) per month.

AwardSpace allows you to host 4 websites in one account. They also let us set up our domain just like others that are mentioned above. It also offers free Joomla hosting which is a plus.

6. x10Hosting


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x10Hosting is a cloud-based host that’s been offering free web hosting for a long time. Cloud-based hosting is stored in the cloud instead of running on a single server.

Just like Byet, they also give us unlimited bandwidth but with only 512MB of storage for your files. It allows us to use also our domain and sub-domain.

7. Free Hosting


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Free Hosting supports WordPress free hosting also. Offers free Cpanel access, one-click WordPress installation, with 10GB storage. The only downside is they only allow 1 MySQL database.

8. InfinityFree


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InfinityFree is popular with around 300,000 users worldwide according to their website. Like the free hosting above, they also offer a generous free plan like unlimited storage but files cannot exceed 10MB each, unlimited bandwidth but cannot exceed 50,000 daily visits, one-click WordPress installer, supports latest PHP version, free SSL certificate, and many more.

9. Freehostia


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Freehostia offers both free and premium WordPress hosting.

Freehostia uses load-balanced clusters to host your site and gives you easy access to your server.

Which Free WordPress Hosting Provider Will You Pick?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to launch your own WordPress website thanks to the hosting services listed in this article.

There is only one question left to answer now that you know your choices for the best free WordPress hosting: Which free WordPress hosting service is best for you?

Choose the service that best meets your needs and get to work on something amazing.

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