How to Change Your WordPress Homepage Layout?


The homepage layout in WordPress is very necessary when it comes to the traffic of your website because you may lose traffic if your layout is unsightly. Modifying it may depend on the theme’s built-in functionality or using shortcodes. A customization is also an option like manual HTML and CSS coding.

Changing The Theme

Changing the whole theme can change your website’s home page layout. Simply go to Appearance > Theme then you can add and activate your desired theme. This will also change the entire design of the website.

1. Using a Static Page

Making a static page as a home page is much easier to do. Static pages can be designed using page builders like Elementor, by blocks, and many more. So, you can make your layout as much as you like.

To make a static page as a home page, just do the following:

  1. Select “Pages” from your dashboard.
  2. Click the “Add New” button on the top and create a new page called, “Homepage.”how-to-change-wordpress-homepage-layout-create-static-page
  3. Go to “Settings” from the dashboard, and click on “Reading.”
  4. The first option available is called “Front Page Displays.” Change it to “A Static Page.”
  5. In the “Front Page” drop-down, you should see your new homepage. Select it and save your
  6. Go back into “Pages” and click on your homepage.
  7. Update your homepage.

2. Using Custom CSS

If you are a CSS expert, WordPress customization will be a good fit for you. Commonly, these templates are using FlexBox, CSS grid, or even a CSS platform like bootstrap and many more so it’s easier to modify and override the style codes for your website.

More Homepage Customizations Using Widgets

Widgets can be found in the Appearance sub-menu. You can set the header, sidebars, footer, and other website sections. If you set something into the right sidebar, then it will show on the right side of your page.

Many themes have sections prepared for approximately all areas on the WordPress website. Shortcodes are also very useful in customizing your website which will work seamlessly with Widgets. It’s way more powerful since we can call sections or custom blocks using less code.

How to Add Layout Using Shortcode in Widgets

  1. Copy the shortcode you need from the plugin managing your layout.
  2. Drag a text widget to the “Front Page” or similar section.
  3. Expand the text widget and paste the shortcode.
  4. Save the widget.

Wrapping Up

More control in your WordPress website is a very important thing. Select a theme that is flexible and easy to customize to design your home page in any way you want.

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