How to Check If WordPress Is Down

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WordPress is a dynamic platform that changes every time, receives new updates, installs plugins and themes, and many more. It is vulnerable to crashes if there are always changes and if it is getting more traffic.

However, you can test those things before applying them to your website just by making a staging site to make sure that your website won’t break.

In this article, we’ll share the reasons why your website is unresponsive.

Confirm and Check If Your WordPress Website Is Down

There is a possibility that your WordPress website is only down on your end. That is why we need to check it. First, you can check it with another geo or use another IP from another country and load it if it’s okay.

Try to clear your cache and browser history because it might just be a caching problem.

Check also Secure SSL providers like Cloudflare since their also an improper handshake that is happening especially if you are just using a free one.

You can also use the website below to check the status of your website.

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Simply paste or put your URL in the textbox and click check. You can see the details like response time, last downtime, and many more.

Check Your WordPress Hosting Server

The second thing to do is to check the hosting server you rented. A common reason is the hosting server itself is having hardware repair on their servers, maintenance, or worst a security breach happened.

Check also if you’ve reached your hosting package limits like server disk space, hosting bandwidth, etc.

The only fix for it is contacting them with their customer support.

Check Domain Validity

Validate your domain’s expiry date because you just might miss a subscription renewal notice.

Another reason also is your domain is being highjacked. Domain highjacking occurs when someone illegally gains ownership of your domain. They do it for some reasons like because of competition, redirect to another site, or they just wanted to troll someone.

Usually, domains that are getting highjacked are low security and the domain provider itself also was the victim of a security breach.

Contact your domain provider if you are sure that your domain hasn’t expired and you have an updated payment.

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Rollback WordPress Settings Like Themes and Plugins

If you have done some updates before the downtime of your website then that might also be the problem. If you can remember the stuff your updated, you can safely roll it back.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

To prevent a website from going down. You must do these things:

Choose a good hosting and domain provider. Select domain and hosting provider that is already well-known, has a lot of years of experience, and more importantly, has excellent customer support.

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