How to Find Out Who Actually Owns a Domain Name?

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One of the most crucial aspects of creating a website is having a domain for branding and marketing purposes. After spending a significant amount of time considering the ideal domain for your website or business, it is critical to check to see if it is already owned by someone else.

You can either contact and buy the domain from them or come up with another one that works for you.

Domains are not often used right away when they are purchased. Some of them only acquire it and resale it for a higher price, especially if it is rare.

How to Find Out the Domain Owner

The most common method in finding out who owns a domain is using WHOIS search. It is a great platform to start with. WHOIS lists the important details of the owner of the domain.

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It also shows the information about the who is the domain registrar, domain status, registered and expiry dates, and many more. But sometimes the domain owner has installed Domain privacy protection services and you won’t be able to find out their personal information.

The only way in finding out the owner of the domain is by personally contacting the website owner using their contact support page.

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