How to Reinstall WordPress But Keep the Content?

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Reinstalling of WordPress core usually help to resolve the errors in your website instead of spending hours to trobleshoot. To make sure that the error is not caused by WordPress corrupted files, you can try to reinstall WordPress as the first step if it still doesn’t resolve the error. You might want to disable all your plugins and check if your WordPress theme is the culprit.

But how do you reinstall WordPress but keep the contents like images, videos, themes and plugins? We will show you how to do it but make sure you do a quick backup before you proceed.

Method 1: Reinstall WordPress Software Automatically From Dashboard

If you can still access your WordPress dashboard in spite of any issues you encountered, you will still be able to reinstall WordPress just by doing it in the dashboard.

Simply go to your WordPress dashboard, then click Updates in the sidebar. You can find a Re-install Now and you may click it.

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Method 2. Reinstall WordPress Core Using Hosting Cpanel File Manager or FTP

If you can’t access WordPress dashboard, this method is best for you. You just basically replacing the WordPress core files with a new one from

First go to and download the latest version of WordPress package.

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Download Now

Once done downloading, you can extract the files.

Login to your Cpanel or FTP and locate where your WordPress website is installed. Usually, you can find it in public_html folder.

Upload and overwrite all the files except the wp-content folder as this folder contains all your image files, plugins and themes.

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