How To Update PHP Version in WordPress?

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Why is it critical to keep WordPress’s PHP version up to date? Because security patches are included in the most recent versions. It will make your website more safe and resistant to cyber-attacks. It will make your website faster and more resource-efficient. PHP’s most recent releases are extremely light.

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Updating the PHP version also improves search engine optimization because your website will load faster and people will not abandon your site as quickly.

Compatibility is another reason we change our PHP version. WordPress’s core is always being improved. It provides compatibility with themes and plugins. Because PHP improves over time, plugins and themes must also be updated.

PHP 7.3, 7.4, or the most recent version 8.0 are highly recommended.

How to Update PHP Version Easily

First, you have to check your PHP version to avoid conflict. You can do it just by logging in to your CPanel then under the Software container, you can see the Select PHP Version button there. Upon clicking you will be redirected and you can see the current PHP version there.

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Second, you have to do a backup of your WordPress site. I have already written an article about it. Just see it here on how to backup your WordPress website without breaking it.

Third, update your WordPress. Before doing the PHP version update, the WordPress core should be updated first because if the update of the PHP version will go first, it may cause compatibility issues and render your site unusable.

Fourth, check your plugins and themes. Update your plugins and themes also. Make sure to update them one by one.

Lastly, you can now update your PHP version. Simply log in to your Cpanel again and go to Software > Select PHP Version and choose the latest PHP version and click Set as current. Wait for a bit and you are good to go.

how to update php version wordpress wordpress php select php selector cpanel

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