How to View System Information of Your WordPress Site?

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When you have problems with your WordPress website and need to investigate it further, you might need to know the system information of your website. Usually, the support team will ask for this informations when debugging.

These pieces of information can be PHP version, WordPress settings, hosting information, and many more.

Check WordPress Information Using Site Health

It is a good thing WordPress provided a built-in tool to check your WordPress system information and you can do it just by going to Tools then Site Health. Under Site Health you need to go to the Info tab.

how to view system information of your wordpress site site health

There is a Copy to Clipboard button to copy all the important information. Paste it in a plain text file and just do a Find Text of the information you needed.

You can also manually find it just by clicking those accordions. If you want to find the WordPress version, site language, timezone, and many more, just click the WordPress category.

For server information, it is under the server header. There you can see the server architecture, web server, PHP version, etc.

Databases, media handling, directories and sizes, and even permissions are available under this WordPress built-in featured.

how to view system information of your wordpress site site health info

Wrapping Up

The site health tool does it more straightforward to have all the system information you want in a proper and more readable format.

We wish this knowledge served you immediately get system information for your WordPress site.

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