Is Yoast Premium Worth It?

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If you’re asking yourself if you should really go for Yoast Premium, first, you must check out what it can offer so you can decide if you really need more features. Already, the free version is pretty helpful when it comes to SEO, but you should know that the paid version’s functionality is expansive and is packed with features like internal linking suggestions, 301 redirects management, and ongoing customer support.

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To determine if having a premium plan for Yoast is really worth it, we need to dig into its features.

Yoast Website Keyword Manager

This featured enables your to find and add high-performing keywords for your website. It boosts the relevance of your content by optimizing related keywords that people actually use.

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Yoast Multiple Languages Support

Content is very important for your website and as important as the availability of your website for all users in any part of the world.

Yoast Google Indexing Feature

By adding data, Yoast will help your website to be indexed in Google, and Pinterest effectively.

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Yoast Premium Redirect Manager

When you avail of Yoast premium, you can access an amazing tool called redirect manager. It manages the 301 redirects, and error 404. This redirect manager seamlessly disables dead pages of your website.

Yoast SEO Academy Courses

The newest featured they added is full access to SEO courses which can help you to learn a lot more and become an SEO expert.

Wrapping Up

Yoast’s true worth (whether SEO or Premium) is ultimately defined by how it is configured. Both versions are only tools; it is your plan and action items that will drive traffic increase. When it comes to SEO strategy, there are several tactics you may follow, but we always propose a guided one.

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