Salient WordPress Theme Review: The Only Multipurpose Responsive Theme You Need


The Salient WordPress theme enjoys immense popularity on Themeforest. It is responsive and can be used to conveniently create any kind of website. Whether it’s a corporate website, an eCommerce website, or an online portfolio, Salient can be used for anything.

The great thing about Salient is the number of demos and page/section templates that you can add to your website to get started quickly. It’s completely customizable and very easy to use.

Below are details of the Salient multipurpose theme, which should be enough to convince you to get it for your WordPress site.

Salient WordPress Theme: An Overview

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Before going any further, you ought to know the basic distinction between a WordPress theme and a multipurpose WordPress theme. Unlike standard WordPress themes, a multipurpose theme is designed to create almost any website for any intent or niche.

The Salient theme is a multipurpose WordPress theme for designing any website project, such as e-commerce pages, corporate websites, and portfolios. This ThemeNectar theme is one of the most popular themes available on ThemeForest, with more than 115,000 downloads.

Salient WordPress Theme: Key Features

Now you know what the Salient WordPress theme is and how its dev team is constantly refining its design and format, let’s dig into some of its remarkable features that will help you determine whether or not this theme is the best one for your website.

Performance and SEO

The performance of the theme plays a key role in the success of the website. In fact, the success of the website is equally responsible for engaging the viewer. The Salient theme is thoroughly optimized, and with Cloudways, high speed and outstanding results ratings can be achieved.

Another feature of this theme is the SEO-friendly nature and compliance with SEO standards. This includes the correct heading structure, compliance with all current browsers, mobile compatibility, up-to-date coding requirements, and other key considerations that will make the site rank higher in search engines.

Page Builder


The Salient theme comes with a personalized version of the WPbakery Page Builder plugin that you can use to generate and handle pages by simply dragging-and-dropping the components.

If none of the available demos or design templates catch your attention, you can easily create a design of your choosing with this page builder. It provides a simple interface and comes with all the features you need to build an amazing page design.

Templates and Demos

The Salient WordPress theme provides more than 330+ demo and design sets, making it an ideal match for nearly every industry and niche. You can quickly create beautiful and fantastic websites and configure the style exactly as you want it to be (all without writing a single line of code).

There are different concept templates, from a simple one-page template to a breathtaking multi-page company website template. All you have to do is import these test sites for your websites to use these demos.


These templates and prototypes are completely responsive, and you just need to swap your own sample material and images. As a result, this style is a perfect match for both novices and seasoned hands.

Compatibility of Plugins

The compatibility with the theme also plays a major role in the success of every website. Since it is built for modern websites, the Salient WordPress theme is completely compliant with almost any popular plugin available on the market.

WooCommerce Compatibility

The Salient WordPress theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce and provides a variety of eCommerce demo sites and templates. With this multipurpose WordPress theme, you can easily create a WooCommerce store and start selling online.

You’ll see multiple product formats, single product interface, single-page product zoom gallery, and more.

Documentation and Support

Documentation and Support You can also find content relevant to the page-builder that will make the theme editing task even simpler.

If you have any technical difficulties, problems, or bugs, you can even send a ticket to their support staff.

Salient Theme: Other Features

The Salient WordPress theme offers a list of other features, including:

  • Color Options: Unlimited color options
  • Typography: More than 800 font families
  • Sliders: Multiple sliders
  • Shape Divider: Different shape dividers help you create a stunning design
  • Blog Styles: Multiple blog styles and layouts
  • AJAX Search: For live search results

Salient WordPress Theme Pricing

You get all these options at the price of a single theme. The Salient theme is priced at $60 and contains all the theme demos, model variations, and stunning features. Free support from Themesectar for 6 months is also included. If you feel you’re going to need more support, you can extend it to 12 more by paying $18.

The price of the Salient theme is relatively more inexpensive than paying programmers and developers to have your site built and contact any time you need a small update to your site. This WordPress multipurpose theme puts the control in your hands at a very affordable rate.

Get the Salient WordPress Theme Today

The Salient WordPress theme is clearly one of the best themes available on Themeforest. It’s perfect for mega websites with many features.

Salient is an innovative, modern WordPress theme since there are a lot of customization tools, a page builder, templates, and there are endless possibilities for what you can make.

Even with limited skills, you can build a completely new website with your copy of the Salient theme. Even with no technological experience, you can always get a professional-looking website ready and running in just a few minutes.

If you don’t have any design ideas or don’t know how your website should look, these templates are a good start. Besides, they’re flexible. The included page builder makes it very easy to accomplish your design concepts with the most intuitive choices.

Without even knowing a single part of programming or design, you can easily achieve a professional-looking and completely functioning website. With Salient, you are in control.

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