WordPress for Dummies: How to Build a WordPress Website?

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This guide will show you how to build your own WordPress website. This is a step-by-step guide to help those who don’t know how to code or just getting started with WordPress.

WordPress has long been the no-brainer choice for all individuals and businesses. Not only powers small business or individual but also several big-name brands. You can use WordPress as a blog, a business website, a company website, an online magazine, a job board site, a movie website, or anything you can possibly think of.

Step 1: Get a WordPress Host

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A domain is your website name that gives it an identity to make it more unique. Purchasing it is making it your own and no one can grab it from you unless you didn’t renew your contract from the domain provider.

To make a domain more effective and getting more traffic, it has to be SEO-friendly. The more precise and unique the domain is, the more it’ll have more visitors. So picking a domain first is the correct way in getting your website ready.

If you’re new to settings up your domain, making a WordPress website, and you want to test the waters first, you can have a free domain with hosting here.

Step 2: Installing WordPress

To make it easier to install WordPress, I would recommend you to buy a domain and hosting with the CPanel function included. Because it lets you install WordPress with only a click of a button.

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You can also manually do it just by downloading the WordPress package in https://wordpress.org and manually upload it to your hosting.

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Step 3: Designing Your WordPress Website

This platform runs with themes. The design will depend on the purpose of the website. If it is a blog, usually the layout will be Posts on the left with a wider container and a small right sidebar. If it is a company website, it is common that they use full-width pages.

So the theme you’re going to install depends on the use of the website. Some themes are multi-purpose especially those premium themes.

Adding themes is straightforward. Just go to the themes menu and add a theme there. Either you upload it manually or download it in the main theme library.

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Custom blocks also very useful in designing your wordpress website. The most popular is Elementor. You can design it and use a shortcode to call the block.

For advanced users, you may also able to do custom code since it is built with PHP, javascript, and CSS.

After initial customization, you need to add your logo and changing the colors to get your website on brand.

Step 4: Creating Pages and Posts

Content is very important when it comes to having a website. It determines the main intention of your website.

Page is where you put your content like Terms and Services, About Us, you can even add a specific number of posts, Contact forms, and many more.

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In creating pages, just go to Pages, found in the menu of the WordPress dashboard, then add a new page there. In pages, you can add text, media, and even shortcodes.

Posts are specifically article posts that are most common in blogs.

Wrapping Up

The touch-ups left are very simple to do. You can moderate comments, navigate and set up your settings and install plugins that can secure your website. You can find those tips just by searching them on our website.

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